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April 2024

I visited the hangar sale at the Oakdale airport (O27) in the Pulsar. No, they did not have hangars for sale, just stuff inside the hangars. The local EAA chapter and others opened their doors, and I found some useful things for a very good price. One old guy had two hangars full of disassembled airplanes and parts, he said he had built 26 airplanes in his life so far and is working on another one. If you are interested in a tube/fabric/ wood airplane project (complete, just needs a little cleaning and assembly), it will be anywhere between inexpensive to free. He will even instruct you how to put it back together.



Flying over almond tree plantations








Shop area of airplane collector

April 2024

I took these pictures on relaxing flight in Caro 1. The Rancho Murieta airport is near Sacramento, I did not want to land, just checked it out from above. It is surrounded by golf courses, rather boring.

April 2024

Went flying yesterday in Caro 1and had some good thermals., but only over the mountains. The front approaching from the northwest increased the wind from the south to 10-15 kts and the clouds and thermals lined up in streets. After the first climb, I could fly under the street and find closely spaced lift. You can see it by the shadows on the ground. To the west over the valley the air was dead.



March 2024

I have uploaded a new airplane design video, the link is on the "Video" page. In this one, I use flight control system bearings as an example on airplane detail design considerations.























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