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December 2019

After returning again to Sumperk, CZ, for the fourth time this year, I was able to complete the ASTM certification flight tests for Flight Design's new F2 LSA.  Flight test in Europe in winter is a major challenge because of the weather, and I spent more days on the ground than flying. But we got lucky and had at least a few beautiful days which allowed me to fly high enough to do the flutter and final spin resistance tests. The airplane performed very well, and no modifications beyond some stall strip adjustments were needed.

September 2019

The final Red Bull Air Race is finished and Yoshi Muroya won the race, which took place in his home country Japan. After winning 3 of the 4 races this year, our team ended up only one point behind the 2019 season's winner, Matt Hall. Of the 14 pilots, Matt is the one to whom this win matters the most, so I am happy with this outcome.

August 2019

It has been a while since I wrote a trip report. This is not due to a lack of travel, but rather due to the fact that most of my recent trips are work related and I cannot say much about what I am doing. This last trip was a Pulsar cross-country flight, and there were some exciting moments. I had my first bird strike, hopefully it is also my last. When I do things, I do them properly, so this was not a small bird, but one of the largest out there.

Here is the link to the pictures and what I wrote:  Pulsar Colorado Flight

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