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The weather did not allow a flight on January first, I had to wait until 1/6/23 for the first flight of the year. On that day the weather was beautiful, almost no wind and good visibility. It had rained quite a lot recently, so I checked out the local reservoirs from above, to see if they were filling up. Hogan is doing well

Melones still has a lot of spare room for extra water.

September 2022
The Reno Air Races were on my calendar again this year and I drove up there by car. The flying was challenging and interrupted by  smoke from a large fire west of Reno, but many of the races did take place. Read my trip report here:
August 2022
I have traveled to Oshkosh in my Caro 1 motorglider and you can read about this eventful and interesting journey in my trip report. To download the pdf file, click on the button.















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