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December 2023

I made use of the very nice and warm weather and flew the Pulsar to the Mariposa / Yosemite airport. It is a good place to for a hike, and usually very quiet. Only one other airplane landed while I was there. Here are some pictures.

Oktober 2023

The Red Bull Air Race Pilots are back!

Several years ago, I read an article in the Sport Aviation magazine about how augmented reality was used in flight by the company Red 6. It allowed pilots to see other airplanes that were not really there. The Air Force became interested and is now using this technology to train fighter pilots. I mentioned it to my Red Bull Air race team mates at the time that this might provide an opportunity to allow training and pylon racing using augmented reality.

Yoshi Muroya from Japan took the spark of this idea and after the conclusion of the Red Bull Air Races, developed it into a new venue of air racing. Yesterday, the first remote air race took place with 8 of the former pilots and was presented to viewers around the world in a semi-virtual format. Take a look at their web site I hope it will continue to evolve, pleasing both pilots and spectators in the next years.

September 2023

Here is the link to my Reno Air Races Report:

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