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September 2019

The final Red Bull Air Race is finished and Yoshi Muroya won the race, which took place in his home country Japan. After winning 3 of the 4 races this year, our team ended up only one point behind the 2019 season's winner, Matt Hall. Of the 14 pilots, Matt is the one to whom this win matters the most, so I am happy with this outcome.

August 2019

It has been a while since I wrote a trip report. This is not due to a lack of travel, but rather due to the fact that most of my recent trips are work related and I cannot say much about what I am doing. This last trip was a Pulsar cross-country flight, and there were some exciting moments. I had my first bird strike, hopefully it is also my last. When I do things, I do them properly, so this was not a small bird, but one of the largest out there.

Here is the link to the pictures and what I wrote:  Pulsar Colorado Flight

June 2019
The second Red Bull Air Race this season was again very successful for our team, Yoshi placed first and is still leading the championship. Only two more races this year, one on July 14 in Hungary and the last one in Chiba, Japan on September 8. We will stay focused to do well in both of them.

June 2019
I spent some more time in Sumperk, CZ, this time working on the preparation and initial flight tests of the second F2 prototype. The airplane had some changes from the first one, although the only visible one is the larger vertical tail. During my flights I continued to discover other areas that needed improvement and suggested solutions. R&D flight test is fun, but one has to plan in the time it takes to make changes to the airplane configuration.
I got the opportunity to visit an airshow in Pardubice, east of Prague, where many airplanes were on display which one does not find in the US. The CZ Flying Bulls Team gave an awesome formation aerobatic performance with their 4 ExtremeAirs and the two Red Bull Air Race pilots Petr Kopfstein and Martin Sonka had brought their Extras to fly in a demo race in a full track set up at the airport.
Everyone is disappointed that 2019 is the last RB air race season, so our team will try to make the best of it and race hard.
Sumperk from the air, part of the airport is here      ^
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