September 2020

The Flight Design F2 that I have been working on is now available as an LSA at the US dealership for demo flights with Tom Peghiny. Here is a note I received from him on his first impressions:

Hi Sonja,

I’ve been flying the F2 a lot since we got it flying in May. I’ve flown it nearly 2000 NM in the last three weeks and transitioned a few pilots into it and a lot of demos. I find it a very nice plane to fly and better than I had hoped. Efficient and stable, easy to land and can be a great product for our target customers. I know you had a lot to do with the development and it’s a tribute to your knowledge and experience.


The engine cooling system works very well with the 912iS. I’m very hopeful for the future.


Tom Peghiny

President, Flight Design USA

July 2020

 It has been a while since I had anything I could write about; the last few customer's projects were proprietory. I have used my recent spare time for making several new paintings, which you can see on my "Paintings" page, and a few small projects for myself. 

This one is a small foldable dolly which I plan on using at the airport to move heavy items like tool boxes and those gas cans with unleaded auto gas for my planes. The handle is from an electric weed eater which I fried last year, it was not up to the size of my yard.

December 2019

After returning again to Sumperk, CZ, for the fourth time this year, I was able to complete the ASTM certification flight tests for Flight Design's new F2 LSA.  Flight test in Europe in winter is a major challenge because of the weather, and I spent more days on the ground than flying. But we got lucky and had at least a few beautiful days which allowed me to fly high enough to do the flutter and final spin resistance tests. The airplane performed very well, and no modifications beyond some stall strip adjustments were needed.

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