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February 2023

Neu auf der "Bücher" Seite / new on the "Books" page:

I have translated the EASA CS-22 (Glider Certification Requirements)

"Certification Specifications, Acceptable Means of Compliance and Guidance Material for Sailplanes and powered Sailplanes" from English to German, for those of you who are interested in designing gliders and are more comfortable in working in German. Even if you do not want to certify your glider, it is worth reviewing this document because it contains a lot of useful guidelines.

Ich habe nun die deutsche Übersetzung der EASA CS-22 "Lufttüchtigkeitsforderungen, Annehmbare Nachweisverfahren und Anleitungen und Erklärungen für Segelflugzeuge and Motorsegler" verfügbar gemacht, für diejenigen, die lieber in deutsch arbeiten. Selbst wenn man das Segelflugzeug nicht zulassen will, lohnt es sich, dieses Dokument durchzulesen, weil es viele nützliche Informationen enthält.


The weather did not allow a flight on January first, I had to wait until 1/6/23 for the first flight of the year. On that day the weather was beautiful, almost no wind and good visibility. It had rained quite a lot recently, so I checked out the local reservoirs from above, to see if they were filling up. Hogan is doing well

Melones still has a lot of spare room for extra water.

September 2022
The Reno Air Races were on my calendar again this year and I drove up there by car. The flying was challenging and interrupted by  smoke from a large fire west of Reno, but many of the races did take place. Read my trip report here:
August 2022
I have traveled to Oshkosh in my Caro 1 motorglider and you can read about this eventful and interesting journey in my trip report. To download the pdf file, click on the button.















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