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Aeronautical Engineering Services

Do you have an unusual project that you need help with? Or do you need an engineer to go over your design or analysis? Need help with certification procedures? Have a new or modified airplane that needs to be flown?

These are all things I have experience with.


I can assist with:


Flight Testing
  • ·        Perform flight testing of new and modified airplanes

  • ·        Write flight test plans, reports, flight manuals

  • ·        Flight test data reduction

Aerodynamic Airplane Design
  • ·        Airfoils, drag and performance analysis

  • ·        Stability and control

  • ·        Design for improved stall characteristics, spin recovery, spin resistance

Engine Installations
  • ·        Engine installation layout

  • ·        Engine mount design

  • ·        Engine cooling consultation 

    $250 Standard rate for engine cooling evaluation and recommendations for improvements

Conceptual & Preliminary Airplane Design
  • ·        3-View Drawings

  • ·        Airplane load analysis

Structural Analysis
  • ·        Composite structures design and analysis

  • ·        Composite structures repair procedures

  • ·        Analysis (all materials)

  • ·        Structural tests


Airplane Systems
  • ·        Fuel systems layout

  • ·        Flight controls systems design

  • ·        Landing gear


Translations of technical documents English - German and German - English


Rate: call for hourly rate, estimates for complete projects may be available on request

Ph. 1-209-210-3174

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