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Parts for Sale Contact Information:, 1-209-210-3174

For sale: IVO-propeller, 2-blade, carbon fiber, electric in-flight adjustable, with brush block holder, wiring & switch, weight 7.5 lb, suitable for engines up to 100 hp ,

66" diameter (can be shortened), pitch range 35" to 70", almost new, only run on ground a few times. Direction of rotation CCW / LH (seen from behind). Prop flange 75 mm bolt circle (mounts directly to Rotax gearbox B, C or E models), $1590

Garmin nüvi GPS, with holder, touchscreen is not very responsive, $15


Bracket, aluminum, clamps to horizontal surface, holds anything with Velcro, angle adjustable, $20

Manifold pressure – fuel flow combined gauge, Mitchell Aircraft Instruments p/n 651035-0105, unknown condition, $45

Oil temperature gauge, Westach p/n 2A9 2B, range 100-260F

was working when removed, as is. $25

CHT gauge, labeled in deg C, was working when removed, as is.


Prop governor gasket, new, in original bag, MS 9144 01,  Cessna p/n B20024, $10

Relay, solid state interval timer, Artisan Controls Corp. Model 4300, new, $25

3 available

Instrument holder (clamp), p/n MSP 64650 B

Working Size (in inches): 3.175 x 3.175, Depth (in inches): 2

Mounting Hole Location (in inches): 3.060 x 3.060

Material: Aluminum, Finish: Anodized, $25

Flightcom Model 403 mc Aviation Intercom, p/n 101-0263-00,  s/n 4143

4-Position, Voice-Activated, 2 position transmit

Selectable auto-muting, Pilot isolate, one knob damaged,

for $80


Carved wooden grip (stick or throttle, LH), hole ID is ¾”, good condition, hardly used, $95


Two key ignition switches ACS p/n A510-2, used, both were functional when removed from aircraft, positions L-R-Both-Start

1x good condition $150

1x worn looking, $90


RPM gauge 3-1/8”, Westach, p/n  3AT8A-1A,  0-8000 rpm, 8-30V, adjustable, used, worked when removed from aircraft, $75


For sale:

Aircraft wire

Unshielded wire, MIL-W-22759/16 (Tefzel insulation), 24 gauge, single conductor, $0.10 / ft

Unshielded wire, MIL-W-22759/16 (Tefzel insulation), 16 gauge, single conductor, $0.25 / ft

Shielded Tefzel wire, 24 gauge, single conductor, $0.35 / ft

Shielded Tefzel wire, 24 gauge, two conductors, $0.60 / ft

Shielded Tefzel wire, 24 gauge, three conductors, $0.80 / ft


The wire is available in pieces of about 26 ft length,


For Sale:

Fuel Pump for automotive engine, engine driven plunger style, new, never used, Brosol p/n 113 127 025BCD, suitable for 80-100 hp carbureted engine.

Price: $40


For Sale:

Glideslope Antenna, new, Comant Cl 193

Price: $80


For Sale:

Two Microphones, different connectors, as shown.

Price: $15 each


 For Sale:

Antenna Wire (co-ax cable) RG-400, pieces:

16 ft without connectors, price $20.00

17 ft without connectors, price $21.20

16 ft with connectors, price $28.00


 For Sale:

Vacuum Pump for sale (Parker dry air pump 216CW), as removed from another airplane, with the fittings. It is in working condition.

Price: $100


For Sale:

Attitude Indicator, vacuum, used, functional, Cessna p/n C86100T-0501, mfg Standard Precision p/n SP-7701-1-CES

Price: $90


For Sale:

Parting Agent Plastilease-512B (for releasing polyester parts from molds). New, unopened bottle, 1 qt.

Price: $20


For Sale:

Eyeball Swivel Vent, new, 1.25” air outlet, with 90 deg adapter for 1.25” duct, 

Price: $15


Welded aluminum tube T,

3.0 inch diameter, $10

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